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  • The Dragonfly

    The dragonfly has been one of Caribou’s favourite and most popular charms and I wanted to look into the symbolism that surrounds them and see if it will shed some light on why these creatures inspire us so much.

    Today across the globe the dragonfly has come to signify change and change in the respect of self-realisation promoting emotional and mental maturity and a deeper understanding of life.

    The Chinese believed the dragonfly to symbolise harmony, prosperity and good luck.

    The native Indians believed they portrayed purity, speed and happiness.

    In Japan, the samurai warriors would decorate their swords with beautiful depictions of them because they symbolised agility, strength and power.

    Dragonfly are not your average insect. These mysterious and ancient creatures have lived on earth for millions of years, far longer than humans. For some they have appeared at particularly relevant times in life such as after the death of a loved one or at a time when said loved one is in their thoughts.  I wonder if you yourself have ever taken comfort from a similar situation? 

    What matters the most is the symbolic representation of dragonflies to the individual.  Does the dragonfly mean something special to you?  I would love to hear your thoughts?

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