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Caribou is an independant jewellery boutique.   
Our collections draw upon the influences of contemporary jewellery.  
We endeavour to continually update our pieces in line with the changing fashions.
We use natural stones and ethically sourced Fair Trade silver and vermeil gold.
Our designs are blended together for their beauty, their simplicity and the ease with which they can be worn.  We have also thought long and hard about incorporating into our designs the healing properties of our semi-precious stones, the symbolism of our charms and the heart-warming comfort personalised jewellery can offer. 
Caribou was set up in 2011 by Ally Auld, is based in Suffolk and the jewellery it creates reflects her own influences and interests.  With a background in Reflexology and more recently Tao Energy Healing, a daily yoga and meditation practice Caribou Jewellery is a way of life for Ally Auld.  Each piece intrinsically designed to reflect the beliefs from around the world that inspire her and inspire healing in the wearer.